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8 Ways the Cell Phone Harms Your Health



There are many factors that can hinder health, such as eating nutritionally poor foods, drinking little water, not practicing physical activities, abusing the consumption of sweets and fats.

In addition, another thing that can harm a lot is the cell phone. Although the device is very useful on a daily basis, when its use goes out of control and it becomes an inseparable companion of all hours, a number of problems can arise.

By knowing the ways that excess use of cell phones hinders health, it is possible to have a better sense of the damage caused. So check out some of them:

1. It impairs sleep

The cell phone emits a blue light that compromises the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the biological clock and signals to the body that it is time to prepare to sleep. That light changes the circadian cycle, makes it take longer for a person to fall asleep and sleep of worse quality.

Sleeping badly does not hurt just because it causes tiredness and lack of disposition the next day. Additionally, poor quality sleep hinders weight control, as sleep affects two important hormones for appetite: leptin and ghrelin.

Namely, leptin is related to appetite control, so when its levels are high, the body feels satiated. On the other hand, ghrelin stimulates appetite, as it is responsible for the feeling of hunger.

A 2004 study, published in Annals of Internal Medicine, pointed out that sleep restriction increases ghrelin production and reduces leptin production. Another survey from the same year involved 1,024,000 adults and came to the same conclusion..

These changes in hormone levels can increase appetite and calorie intake, making it even more difficult to maintain a diet, increasing the risk of weight gain.

So, the recommendation is to stop using your cell phone at least two hours before going to sleep. Of course, if you need to answer a call or reply to a message, that’s fine. But, avoid moving your cell phone unnecessarily, especially when you’re already in bed.

2. It increases anxiety and stress

Constantly checking if you received an email from work, if a message was answered and how social media notifications go can generate more anxiety and stress.

Even worse when the person barely wakes up and will already look at the cell phone. You can start the day by having to deal with messages that generate concern and agitation early on.

So avoid picking up your cell phone when you wake up. Before checking the device after waking up, stretch out, have your breakfast, change clothes, open the windows tightly and only then check the notifications on the device.

3. It distracts when eating

When eating a meal while messing with the cell phone, the distraction can be so great that the person doesn’t even notice how much he has already eaten. After all, entertained with the device, you cannot focus on the meal, you tend to eat too fast and doesn’t even notice the feeling of satiety.

As a result, you tend to eat much more than you should, you consumes more calories than necessary and you have a greater tendency to eat food with empty calories throughout the day.

So, to avoid these problems, the rule should be not to use your cell phone when eating.

4. Causes neck pain

Staying too long with your neck down to move the cell cause neck pain, especially in the cervical. This pain can impair work performance, prevent physical exercise and even get in the way of sleeping.

To alleviate the problem, the tip is to try to stretch your neck throughout the day, in addition to, of course, limiting the number of hours the cell phone is used.

5. It decreases self-esteem

Those who use their cell phones a lot usually spend a lot of time on social networks looking at other people’s publications. As a result, there is a great risk of comparing yourself with the body, the home, the relationship, the job, and other aspects of the lives of others.

All of this can generate a sense of frustration at not having certain things and undermine self-esteem. But, it must be remembered that nobody has a perfect life or has everything they want. What is put on the social network is just an excerpt from reality.

An alternative is to better select the people you follow on social media, and stop following the profiles that make you feel bad.

Instead, focus on content that aggregates positively, cheers you up, provides good information and makes you feel good.

6. It causes vision problems

Those who spend a lot of time on their cell phones are more likely to have a tired view and even myopia. In fact, it is necessary to take special care with children who spend hours playing or watching movies, to prevent eye health problems from arising in the medium and long term.

7. It gives tendonitis

From typing or playing on the cell phone, some people even develop tendonitis, one repetitive strain injury (LER). This is a problem that can impact other areas of life, such as work, study, causing discomfort and movement limitations. So it is very worthwhile to moderate the use of cell phones to decrease the chances of developing the lesion.

8. Phones carries dirt

Many people take their cell phones everywhere they go, including the bathroom, which is not very hygienic. People usually touch the door handle and the discharge with dirty hands, and all these bacteria present in these places end up in the device.

But even without taking the device to the bathroom, it can be contaminated countless times. After all, throughout the day we put our hands in several places. Then, when using the cell phone, we pass the dirt and even some contamination of these surfaces to the device.

That is why, in order to avoid being contaminated with an infectious agent, it is essential not only wash your hands thoroughly several times a day, but also clean your cell phone well every day, using 70o alcohol and a dry cloth.

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